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Previous knowledge, requirements for the passengers
Previous knowledge is absolutely not necessary!
Your age doesn't matter. The youngest passenger was 5 and the oldest was 80.
You should only be able to run a few steps and jump down from the height of a chair, or be safe on skis in winter.

If you feel reasonably comfortable on a chairlift, you will also feel comfortable while paragliding. Remember that, unlike the chairlift, you are always connected in a comfortable paraglider seat and never have to worry about falling out.

The start
The paragliding equipment can be stowed in a backpack and carried up almost all mountains. Thus the number of starting places is almost limitless. The starting places must be free of obstacles and slightly inclined. The wind, if any, should best come from the front.
The comfortable seats of passenger and pilot are attached to the paraglider. The screen is laid out behind the starters. In a few steps, or after a short trip on skis, you will take off. Now experience the dream of flying up close!

The flight
Flying is dependent on wind and weather. Depending on the conditions, there is a nice, enjoyable gliding flight of about 15 to 30 minutes (about 1 minute / 100m difference in altitude) or even a climb that can take several hours.
If the conditions allow a climb, the pilot tries to turn on the upwind. Since these are not easy to see, this type of flying needs a lot of feeling and experience and can also make a little more demands on the stomach area of ​​the passenger. However, the passenger can speak to the pilot at any time and can make his wishes known.
Generally calm gliding is to be expected in the morning and in winter. Climbing flights are often possible in the afternoon in spring, summer and until autumn.

The landing
Since the paraglider can also land in small squares, the possibilities are varied here too. We usually land on meadows or in snow fields, where the passenger and pilot, just like the start run, walk a few steps or run out on skis until the glider falls softly on the ground behind you.

clothing / equipment
If possible, sturdy shoes and slightly warmer clothes than you would normally choose.
You can also bring your camera or video camera.
At the launch site you will receive a comfortable seat, a helmet and, if necessary, gloves from the pilot.


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