Climbing Furka


The Furka area has a lot to offer. Whether ridge climbing, wall climbing, alpine climbing or sport climbing, beginner route or CleanClimb, there is something for every taste. The rough and solid granite is almost perfect, short approaches, can be done as a day tour from Sidelenbach or Täsch or multi-day tours and combinations from the Sidlenehütte or Albert Heim Hütte. Let us advise you and put together a program tailored to your needs.
In the basin around the Sidelenhütte or in the area of ​​the Albert-Heim Hütte, ridges like the Gross Furkahorn, Gletscherhorn, walls like the Graue Wand, Chli & Gross Bielenhorn or tours like the Dammazwillinge and the Gletscherhorn and classics from Niedermann-, Kamele, Schildkrot the huge offer. The routes and options will not run out. There are many spectacular lines, in the best granite, with absolute panoramic views.

Here are a few ideas:

Little Furkahorn
Gross Furkahorn I ridge and wall tours
Small and large Bielenhorn I ridge and wall routes
Camels, radiant and turtle ridges
Klein Bielenhorn, Wandraouten
Hannibal Tower, Galengrat Verscheidung
Damma Twins, Glacier Horn
Gray wall
Winterstock Towers

The routes at Chli Bielenhorn and from Tästsch are relatively easy to access and reach and can be easily done as a day trip.

Starting CHF 750.00 1-2 participants per guide
for 2 people CHF 390.-/pers.
excl. overnight stay/HP
1 person CHF 1990.00
excl. overnight stays in huts/HP
excluding travel costs or return costs


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