Piz Cavardiras


Small but nice! Away from the hustle and bustle and overcrowded climbing routes, we have time to look at the wild surroundings and experience the airy exposure from Piz Cavardiras high above the village of Disentis! It's like our home ridge! This ridge should not be underestimated and may at least be put on an equal footing with well-known climbing routes such as Stüdelgrat, Spraunzagrat, etc.!

The more ambitious climbers choose the Rico e Marcel route or direct entry.

Starting CHF 750.00 Management by dipl. Mountain guides
excl. transportation costs
(with 2 people each CHF 390.- / max. 2 p.)


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Alpventura GmbH
Via Alpsu 20
CH-7180 Disentis / Mustér