Galenstock (3583 m)

The Furkapassstrasse connects the Urseren Valley with the Goms and creates the connection between the cantons of Uri and Valais. The Galenstock is located somewhat off the pass. It is one of the best-known, most striking peaks in Central Switzerland. Who doesn't want to climb this summit?

This shapely summit, striking from the east with its characteristic guard roof over a rock cauldron, is a worthwhile high-altitude tour in summer and winter, because climbing the Galenstock is rightly considered a beautiful high-altitude tour. There are different routes to the summit. One of the most beautiful of these ascent options is surely crossing the Galenstock from the southeast to the north. It is an excellent vantage point over Rhone glaciers and deep glaciers, which melt to an almost dramatic extent.

Starting CHF 665.00 including overnight stay in a hut and half board
Implementation for 2 people (max. 2 people / mountain guide)


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