Tour training


In these four days, we will arrange everything for a sound and competent tour planning.
You will learn how to plan and conduct your own tours, theoretically and practically. Risk assessments in terms of conditions, terrain and human factor, the safe and sound handling of your safety material, the handling of orientation means and map, ideal tracks on the ascent and on the descent. Tactical, temporal and organizational planning and get professional tips, which will be useful to you later ....

We stay in a hotel in Disentis and also in the Maighelshütte. From here we have many options, be it with the LVS training field, the mountain railways to get to the terrain quickly, and to have the Maighelshütte with many short application goals and plenty of time for practical training on the terrain. The course is suitable for all snow sports equipment!

Starting CHF 990.00 incl. 4 days mountain guide
incl. 3 nights and half board
excl. possibly train tickets from 4 people


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Alpventura GmbH
Via Alpsu 20
CH-7180 Disentis / Mustér